What should I bring?

We suggest that customers bring drinks, lunch, snacks, sunscreen, fishing clothes, hats, boat shoes, beach and hand towels, sunglasses and zip lock bags if you want to take fillets back with you.

What is provided?

Everything you need for saltwater fishing. Rod, reels, bait, tackle, ice, and fishing license. Fish cleaning and great service with a great attitude.


What and why should I tip the captain?

The crew work for a daily wage and tips just like waiters and waitresses. Tips are discretionary; however, it is customary to tip the crew 20% for good service.

Is the price of the charter for each person or for the whole group?

The price listed on our prices page is for your entire group. You can have up to 6 people in your group. This is a private charter, therefore we do not group you with other people.  It will only be your group on the boat with the captain


Can I have more than 6 people?

No, the max we can take is 6 passengers, whether they are fishing or not. This is not our rule, it is how the U.S. Coast Guard licenses private charters. Most private charters operate under this type of licensing. If you have more than 6 people, you can charter more than one boat. If you have a large group and need help organizing multiple boats, please give us a call and we can help you get it all organized.


We only have a couple of people, can we share a charter with another group?

We have tried to arrange split charters in the past and 90% of the time, they did not work out. With split charters, you always have the risk of the other party canceling last minute and ruining your plans. You also have the chance of being paired with a group that has different goals and idea of fun than you. And, you might run into a situation where the other group is fighting a fish of a lifetime for a couple of hours and you get to sit and watch. Since we have encountered these situations while running split trips, we have decided to focus only on private charters. This allows us to provide you the best service that we can to make it an experience of a lifetime! Feel free to book a private charter even by yourself, that means that you get to catch ALL of the fish.


Will there be a Captain and a deck hand?

Usually you will have a Captain but no deck hand. Our boats are set up with auto-pilots and laid out in a manner that the Captain is able to drive the boat and provide excellent service with the fishing. Our Captains are very good at catering to various levels of expertise from beginners that have never held a rod to avid fishermen. Many of our customers have commented that they really enjoyed this style better because they get to be more hands on.

We have young kids, is deep sea fishing something they can do?

We absolutely love taking families with kids fishing. Nothing is quite as exciting or fulfilling for a captain than to help a young kid catch their first trophy and provide a lifetime of love for the ocean.

How far will we go out?
  • On average we fish about 18 miles out. However it varies greatly especially in the summer months. In the summer when conditions are right we can have great fishing less than a half a mile off the beach. Less travel equals more fishing time. Days and weeks after we have had very large seas or tropical storm activity we sometimes need to travel up to 40 miles. If you are requesting to target a specific species, that will determine the distance we have to travel as well.

Is There A Bathroom?


Is alcohol allowed on the boat?

Yes, but no hard liquor is allowed.